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作品名稱 燕翔印記 The Imprint of Soaring Swallows
作者 許禮憲 Hsu, Li-hsien
年份 2013
材質 石材 Stone and stainless steel
尺寸 W150×H750×D150 cm
創作理念   作品以方正四面石刻印璽為主體造型,象徵高應大之穩健發展與歷史傳承,下方刻有校園植物生態圖像,代表著燕巢校區豐富的自然生態環境,中段為樹林樹幹,寓意著學生的學習成長茁壯,樹葉部分以工業齒輪與資訊交錯成樹蔭,象徵著學校由工業、科技、資訊、人文與自然結合。上方群燕飛翔,代表學校培養之學子擁有靈巧的設計思維。作品底下鋪面設有以日晷為概念的時間軸線,增加作品時間與空間的機能性。
  The main part of the artwork is a square stone seal, symbolizing the sustainable development and legacies of the National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences (KUAS).

  At the lower part of the work are inscriptions of the campus plants, demonstrating the rich ecological resources of the University’s Yan-Chao Campus. The middle part of the work is represented by trees and woods. While the trunks of trees signify the learning and growth of the students, the leafy parts are formed by the signs of industrial gears and information technology, signifying the integration of industry, technology, information, humanity and nature within the school.

  The soaring swallows at the top part, furthermore, highlight the ingenious soaring thoughts of KUAS students. The surface underneath is formed by the time lines, a design based on the concept of a sundial to enrich the functionality of the space and time.
照片 燕翔印記完成品-3 燕翔印記完成品-2




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