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作品名稱 弘毅精勤 Broad-mindedness, Perseverance, Excellence  and Diligence
作者 李億勳 Lee, Yi-hsun
年份 2013
材質 馬賽克磁磚、RC
尺寸 W145×H340×D130 cm
創作理念   本作品以高應大工學院、電資學院、管理學院、人文社會學院等四個學院意函象徵做為發想:
The design idea of this work is to highlight the spirits of the four colleges of the University, respectively, the College of Engineering, College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, College of Management and College of Humanities and Social Sciences.
The image of two hands on the background implies the joint efforts made by the KUAS faculty and students, who have, with their both hands, created the legacy and prosperity of the University.
College of Engineering: The industrial gears represent the pursuit of excellence in the precision industry.
College of Management: The spade-shaped coins  imply the management of talents, products and numbers.
College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science: The computer mouse is an icon of digital information.
College of Humanity and Social Sciences: The image of books highlights the fact that humanity and culture are passed on through books. 
The sun, finally, signifies the bright future of the four KUAS colleges, as well as the promising career of all its students.
照片 弘毅精勤 弘毅精勤完成品-2